Saturday, January 24, 2015

MYSLIPATUKKA - Yukicon 2.0 and NCC preliminaries

Hi homies!!!

It's been two weeks since Yukicon 2.0 and the second NCC preliminaries. As most of you probably know Rindalin participated on the preliminaries and got second honorary mention (or second place, we're not exactly sure how it was in the end).

Anyways, it was an really exiting day! We arrived to Espoo Cultural Center somewhere around 10 am. Rindalin slept the whole car trip because she (yet again) had to stay up the whole night finishing her costume. We had so much stuff that in the end we needed four people to carry them to the dressing rooms. After meeting our cosplay mamma and all the other staff who were responsible of us competitors, everything started to go really smoothly and most of the stress melted away.

The stress came back just before judging, even Ennah was almost as stressed out as Rindalin. This was Rindalins second cosplay competition ever and the first one she had to do alone. No panic! The judging was held in English because one of the judges was this amazing cosplayer from Poland, Shappi Workshop. It went quite well, even thought Rindalin was shaking afterwards at the backstage because of all the stress.

After that it was time for the rehearsals at the stage. There were a lot of problems with technics and even thought all the light- and video instructions were sent beforehand they somehow managed to get everything wrong at the first time. Thank god the second time went a bit better.

Photo by Nyymix

There was some free time left after the practice, so we went to the actual convention halls and met some of our friends. People were really impressed of Rindalins costume and she talked quite a lot with some random people. She is really reserved on social situations most of the times. But somehow the convention situations are really different because these random peoples have the same interests as her and it's more easier to speak with them. Ennah is probably even more reserved than her some times.

Just before the competition we were informed that the program is going to start little late. We were waiting patiently in backstage, some of us trying not to sleep while standing. People were reading some tweets about Yukicon "to go and gather the fuck up themselves". At the moment it was kinda hilarious on some twisted way, but the staff was really anxious because of all the negativity. No worries dear staff and all the cosplay mammas! In the end it all went quite well and nobody got hurt or anything. These things happen all the time!!!

When the competition actually started Rindalin was munching away anything with sugar to keep herself together and aware. When it was time to go to the stage Ennah went to her place behind the clothing rack and Rindalin to her corner at the stage. Our friend Bardiel filmed and uploaded the skit on Youtube!!

We were at the stage about 3 minutes but especially for Rindalin it felt like 30 seconds!!  There were some screw ups with the lights, sounds and timing. Rindalin recorded the whole performance herself, timed the music and video so there were some mistakes. She had to make the video for the tape from the beginning three times, because her laptop kept crashing.

I love you too Premiere Pro
Also the lights came back up too quickly when the music changes halfway. But that's small mistake compared to what it could have been if not for the rehearsals.

For Rindalins second cosplay competition this went really well! No first place this time, but there's still time to practice both our performance skills and costume making. Rindalin got a medal and was quite happy with it!!!

Rindalins "I'm happy" face...even if it looks like she is sneering or grimacing.
We found some absolutely amazing pictures of the competition and we were both surprised how good the costume looks on stage.

Photo by Konsta Väänänen

Photo by Nyymix

All the NCC second preliminaries competitors.
Photo by Nyymix

The Top Three
Photo by Konsta Väänänen

See you all at the Desucon Frostbite! We will be there and come say hello if you recognize us ;D

More updates and pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

- Rindalin & Ennah

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